Director, global software company

"Having an organisation like Working Chance acting as an advisor and support for both the employer and candidate is invaluable. I would feel especially confident working with them when hiring someone with a conviction"

Company Manager, East London

"Experience has shown us that serving offenders are very reliable They want the job, the chance and the money, and it shows. I’ve seen a real growth in B’s confidence over the past months – the false bravado and bragging have disappeared and been replaced by a more natural person. 

As far as we are concerned, she is exactly the same as anyone else and a real asset to the firm.

James Timpson, CEO of Timpson

"Of all the people we have recruited into our business, the highest success rate has been from serving women offenders".

Placement Provider, community centre

"There is an element of risk whenever you take on someone new and we have been extremely pleased to date. It has confirmed my belief that whilst bad things happen and people make mistakes, with the right support they are able to move on." 

Heather Matheson, Managing Director of Friary West Limited

“I saw an amazing group of skilled, presentable, articulate women dedicated to re-building their working lives. Unlike many job-hunters today, these women know they have to prove themselves: they talk about not letting employers down, being reliable, learning whatever is required to be an asset to an employer. 

Six of the seven women I interviewed are on my shortlist for a job and I want to find them opportunities – not just because they deserve to have a working chance, but because they will be great employees!”

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