Working Chance was found to have a potential attributable economic benefit of £1.4million per year...However, it is important to reiterate that this does not include the wider benefits which the charity's work may help to deliver such as physical and/or mental wellbeing and intergenerational imrpovements.

Pro Bono Economics


Reoffending costs the UK economy £18bn a year

  • 58% of women are re-convicted within one year of leaving prison
  • £35k is the average, annual cost of a prison place in England and Wales
  • < 4% of our candidates re-offend

Women in prison

Setting the scene

  • 5% of the total UK prison population are women
  • 83% of women in prison have committed a non-violent offence
  • 72% of women in prison have been sentenced to six months or less
  • 9% of women in prison have a job to go to on release
  • 53% of women in prison have experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • 37% of women in prison have no settled accommodation to go to upon release

Our work

The impact of our work on women, their families and wider society

  • 83% of our candidates are still in work after 6 months
  • 200 is the average number of women we place into work each year
  • 480 is the number of women we support at any given time on their journey to rehabilitation


This two minute film about Working Chance was produced by the Lloyds Bank Foundation, recognising our win in the 'Outstanding Impact' category at the foundation's Charity Achievement Awards.


"They take time to listen to what you really want to do and they push you to do what you really want to do."

Kristine Working Chance Candidate

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