Our History

Working Chance was founded by Jocelyn Hillman in 2009, inspired by overlooked potential of the women she had met in women's prisons. She saw that many women were unfairly stigmatised after their release from prison and consequently were at high risk of reoffending. Jocelyn set out to change this and started cold-calling businesses to try to persuade them to consider hiring women with convictions. Since then, Working Chance has grown into a unique, award-winning charity. After ten years at the helm, Jocelyn stepped down as chief executive in April 2019 and passed the leadership baton to Natasha Finlayson.  

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Since 2009 we have helped secure over

1,350 work placements for the women we support


Watch a two-minute video about Working Chance made by the Lloyds Bank Foundation, in recognition of us winning the award for Outstanding Impact at the foundation's Charity Achievement Awards.