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Nice to meet you, we're Working Chance. We are the UK's only employment charity solely for women with convictions.

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About us

Here's our story

Working Chance helps women with convictions to develop the confidence, skills and self-belief they need to overcome any barriers to their employment, find jobs and build careers.

We work with organisations of all sizes across all sectors to find opportunities for women that align with their skills and aspirations.

Since 2009, Working Chance has supported thousands of women into employment and many more on their journeys towards financial independence. To women with convictions, a job is more than an income - it means a future where she and her family can flourish.

No such thing as "just a job"

Why focus on employment?

As well as income, employment gives structure to life and a reason to get up in the morning. At its best, it creates a shared purpose with colleagues, a common mission, and motivation for positive personal change. It means that a woman can use her talents and learn new skills. It helps her to feel accomplished, useful, appreciated, and hopeful. This mindset, research shows, makes people far less likely to engage in criminal behaviour.

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What women are facing

  • 60%

    of women in contact with the criminal justice system have experienced domestic abuse at the hands of their partners

  • 68%

    of women in prison were sent there for non-violent offences

  • 96%

    of women are unemployed six weeks after leaving prison


Women in prison are told in so many ways how to be and what to do. Working Chance encourages us to achieve our goals.

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Changing the game for women with convictions

Sector-leading support for women

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If you share our belief that no woman should be held back by a conviction, please consider supporting us.

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We're experts on issues related to gender equality, the criminal justice system, and the employment landscape. Please send all media enquiries to lizzy@workingchance.org or 07860 940 455

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