An award-winning charity creating real impact

We are the UK's only charity supporting women leaving the criminal justice system into great jobs with mainstream employers.

The need

Women with convictions face huge barriers when looking for work and trying to rebuild their lives.

  • 96% of women are still unemployed six weeks after leaving prison.
  • 50% of employers would not even consider hiring someone with a conviction.
  • 33% is the average amount women earn less than men after serving prison sentences.

We have helped transform attitudes to employing people with convictions

Women with criminal convictions often face social exclusion, prejudice and obstacles to employment and financial independence. Most have survived very difficult childhoods and face struggles with poverty, poor mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence. 

We provide bespoke rehabilitation and employability programmes for these women. We work with employers of all sizes across all sectors to match women with the right jobs.

As well as directly helping women to turn their lives around, we also work with policy makers and politicians to influence the development of policy and legislation that affects women with convictions or at risk of criminalisation. We also try to shift attitudes among employers, the media and the public so that there is greater understanding of why women commit crimes and the most effective ways to prevent and respond to this. 


About Us


Watch a two-minute video about what our employability events are like - where employers and our candidates come together to take part in practise 'speed-interviews' and group presentation activities.