Employment Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Struggling to use the portal? Here's some answers to questions you may have.

If you have any questions, please contact your Employment Advisor.

1. Does my conviction mean I can't apply for a job?

Sometimes employers won't accept applications from people if they have a specific types of conviction. Your profile is unique to you, which means you will only see employers who you are eligible to apply for. There are sometimes exceptions, or case-by-case issues, so we advise you speak to your Employment Advisor if you aren't sure.

2. Are all of these companies hiring?

Each of the employers are routinely looking for staff: but they might not have a vacancy in every style of work at any given moment. This is to give you a picture of the types of roles they often have available. You'll need to visit their website and speak to your Employment Advisor

3. Why aren't there specific vacancies listed?

We have access to around 4,000 vacancies at any moment - so to put it simply, we wouldn't be able to keep them all up-to-date! The purpose of the Portal is more about showing you the styles of work that are available to you, and to show you what employers are in your local area.

4. I've seen a vacancy I like the look of, should I just apply?

We always advise that you speak to your Employment Advisor before submitting an application. They can help you perfect your application and prepare for the process.

5. The information looks wrong

If you spot something that is out-of-date, or doesn't look right, you can let the team know by emailing media@workingchance.org

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