Blog, Press release | 20 May 2024

Access to education and training: brand new support from Working Chance

Working Chance, the UK’s only employment charity for women with convictions, is expanding its services to include tailored support for accessing education and training.

Recognising a lack of tailored provision for women, we are piloting a new suite of support to extend our reach beyond employability to work with women with convictions to access educational pathways and vocational courses.

Tailor-made for women

Here at Working Chance, we found that no other service was offering gender-specific support for women with convictions to access university or vocational courses. Education is a transformative opportunity that can help rebuild lives and create new pathways. By offering support and resources from a dedicated Education Lead, we’ll help women along the way to embrace education as a pathway to success.

Getting a conviction can disrupt education and derail an academic journey. Some women find it’s not possible to return to the same college or university, or struggle to access their desired courses after going through the justice system or spending time in prison. The good news is, there are numerous options available for people with convictions to pursue education. Contrary to common misconceptions, having a conviction does not rule you out from getting into university or pursuing adult education.

At all levels, education provides an opportunity to acquire new skills, knowledge, and qualifications. We can help you to find training while you’re in work, or part-time work to support yourself while you’re in education.

How to access support

We are accepting referrals for education support using the same process as for our employability service. If you’re looking for support for yourself, fill in the form on this page. And if you’re supporting a woman who would benefit from the service, please visit this page.