Campaign | 12 May 2020

International Day of Families: From Lynn to her close friend

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We are all missing loved ones under lockdown. For International Day of Families, we are remembering how important family is by sharing messages from Working Chance candidates to loved ones who they can’t be with right now.

Here is another powerful message from one of our candidates Lynn to a close friend that she's missing. While we might be separate, we are together in spirit.

Hi [close friend].

Hope you are well and keeping safe… we’re both off work but can’t meet up- priceless eh!? I miss you so much, life's just not the same without you keeping me out of mischief lol 😂. Don't know about you but I'm so missing work; crazy people, hugs, dancing with customers which the owner saw on CCTV, luckily she laughed!

We need to meet up when all this is over, nice day out by the coast. We, or should I say ‘I’, worked too much before lockdown; we need to work to live not live to work. I miss you so much. The lockdown is no good for people like me – I need hugs to survive!

Every day we spend in lockdown we are going to take 2 days out to treat ourselves when it's all over… we deserve it! When we last spoke you said you’d found the list of things we said we’d do/places we’d go together when we first became good friends years ago. I totally forgot about that until you mentioned it on the phone yesterday – we’re doing it all when this is over!

I'm not happy that the snooker hasn't been on TV, or the horse racing - what’s the world coming to!?
Can't wait to see you hopefully soon have a good catch up and lots of hugs. Let's hope no one tries to listen to our conversation they will think we've totally lost the plot!

It's good chatting on the phone and texting but I've got so much to tell you and lots of catching up to do. It’ll be a lot easier when we can meet up face to face. Keep safe and call and text me loads.