Campaign | 12 May 2020

International Day of Families: A message to my dad

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We know how many of our candidates are carers and rocks for their families, and how many treasure the support of their loved ones. That’s why we're celebrating International Day of Families by sharing messages from our candidates to family members that they can't be with right now.

We can all relate to missing loved ones, whether they are part of our biological or chosen family. This day is an opportunity to remember the importance of family – for support, companionship, recovery, and love.

This is a message from Rani to her dad:

Dear dad, it has been over 20 years that we have been estranged and I was disowned but with Covid-19 in the present climate my thoughts have been with you a lot, especially as you are now 76 years young...I searched the internet for any announcements about you, I checked the Ilford recorder, Redbridge councillor and Twitter. I even checked my sister's accounts but nothing has been posted. So I can only assume that this is good news. It would be great yet emotional to connect even though at a distance to say hello. I wish on a star it might be reality some time in the near future... Deepest feelings sent from your daughter Rani. Take care Dad and I love you despite everything X