Campaign | 12 May 2020

International Day of Families: A message to my sister

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This International Day of Families so many of us can’t be with the ones we love, whether from our close, extended or chosen family.

This message, from Working Chance candidate Martha to her sister reminds us that our loved ones are always thinking about us.

Hi Flo,

It's crazy to think that I don’t know when we will be seeing each other again!

I hope you find this a nice surprise. The precious moments spent with you seem like history and I know it must be even harder for you given where you are! It’s so difficult not knowing when it will be possible to look at each other and laugh about stuff again! But you should know that it will come to pass and trust me I will be on the first train to see you once the lockdown is over! I CANNOT BEAR NOT SEEING YOU!

I miss you soooooooo much and know that you’re always in my heart! When you feel hopeless, you need not despair because these unprecedented times only highlight how important you are to me and deepen the bond we share!

I hope that when you miss me, you can reflect on this bond we share to make you smile and happy. For we can find happiness within ourselves by engaging in activities that make us happy, through passions that we have and through the things that matter such as goals and dreams.

I love and miss you. Stay strong and know that I pray for you always!

Love Martha