Campaign | 06 March 2021

Gender equality needs your participation #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge

On International Women’s Day, fight injustice and join the campaign for workplace equality for all women, including those trying to leave a criminal conviction behind.

This year, Working Chance is celebrating International Women’s Day with a difference. In the spirit of the theme #ChooseToChallenge we are asking our friends and supporters to help us fight workplace discrimination, by taking just three simple steps.

Why women with convictions?

Women with convictions are among some of those most committed to finding work, but face prejudice and discrimination when it comes to employment. Most have survived very difficult childhoods and domestic violence, as well as struggles with poverty. Despite the fact that most crimes committed by women are non-violent, they are three times less likely than men to find work after leaving prison. This is a real shame, because women with convictions have a proven track record of making loyal employees with excellent job retention. This is why we must #ChooseToChallenge employers and ask them to think about how inclusive their hiring practices are.

Let’s take action

We ardently believe that these women deserve a second chance. A chance to prove themselves, a chance to take part, and a chance to reach their potential.

We all possess the power to create change – not just as decision-makers, but as challengers of the people and systems that surround us. Equality won’t be achieved until all women can participate. So get started today by taking one of three small steps:

1. Begin by challenging your employer to hire women with convictions
2. Keep learning and ask us a question
3. Share this page on social media, and invite your friends and colleagues to join the fight

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The more colleagues you ask to join the campaign, the more power you will have. No subscription required.

Keep learning

Ask us a question

Wondering if hiring a woman with a conviction is a risk to your business? Interested in why women commit different crimes to men? No such thing as a question too silly or too small.