Blog, Campaign | 08 February 2021

National Apprenticeship Week 2021: Get Involved!


It’s National Apprenticeship Week and if you are an employer and haven’t already thought about running an apprenticeship scheme, now is the time!

Apprenticeships offer huge benefits to help businesses build their future. Evidence shows that employing and training apprentices improves productivity and competitiveness, with apprentices bringing in more money for the business. It’s a great way to address skills gaps and retain staff while investing in individuals’ career development. You can even get support with training costs!

Working Chance now specialises in facilitating apprenticeships, and encourage employers to get in touch through our website. We can talk you through the process and any questions you might have. We know from evidence and experience that women with convictions make hard-working, reliable and loyal employees. Employers with inclusive recruitment practices report a positive impact on their reputation.

This is why taking on a woman with a conviction as an apprentice will not only be an investment her future, but the future of your business.

Apprenticeships are invaluable opportunities for women with convictions as they rebuild their lives. They can be stepping stones, helping women to develop the skills, confidence and experience they need to realise their career aspirations. They’re great for businesses too, especially when offered to women with convictions who are proven to make some of the most loyal and dedicated team members. In fact, many of the women we’ve supported onto apprenticeship programmes continue to be at the same company years later!