Helpful Information

We've compiled some resources that might be useful as you navigate life after a conviction. We'll also add more resources as we have them.


Criminal Records Checks

When you apply for a job, your employer might ask for a criminal records check (also known as a Disclosure & Barring Services/DBS check). But are they legally required to get that information? What are your rights? Start with some of the links below.

And remember, we provide workshops as part of our employability programme on DBS rules and can help you understand your specific circumstances. Click on 'Get Support' to see if you're right for our programme.

Universal Credit

We know applying for Universal Credit can be confusing and you might not know where to start. We've come up with a handy fact sheet that tells you how to claim and answer some common questions. We also have a version specifically for people who are leaving prison. Please download the fact sheets below.