Fighting for a better benefits system

#BetterBenefits for ourselves, for our families, and for other women

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Meet the Changemakers

Two Changemakers, River and Sonja, are fighting to raise awareness of the circumstances and struggles of women like them, and to help fix what is broken

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We call on the government to make vital changes to Universal Credit, so that women with convictions aren't failed by the system that's supposed to protect them.

Right now, too many women are struggling to keep their heads above water, never mind find work. Many are swept into poverty and debt after receiving a conviction, making reoffending more likely.

A reformed benefits system would offer safety and security for women with convictions, supporting them to find work and contribute positively to society.

We are calling for

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Executive summary

Who are the Changemakers?

This group provides a platform for women with convictions to use their unique expertise and insights to drive the changes they want to see and improve the lives of other women with convictions. Together, we're fighting to transform the systems that hold women with convictions back.

We know what it's like first-hand to have a conviction. I don't think you can understand the impact a conviction has without living through it.

Sonja Changemaker
Standing with Changemakers

Organisations supporting our call to action

  1. 4in10 London’s Child Poverty Network
  2. Abianda
  3. Advance
  4. Agenda
  5. Anawim
  6. The Angelou Centre
  7. Birth Companions
  8. Centre for Women’s Justice
  9. Changing Lives
  10. Child Poverty Action Group
  11. Christians Against Poverty
  12. Clean Break
  13. Criminal Justice Alliance
  14. Disability Benefits Consortium
  15. The Howard League for Penal Reform
  16. Housing for Women
  17. Inspirit
  18. Is it a Crime to be Poor? Alliance
  19. Khidmat Centres
  20. Khulisa
  21. London Prisons Mission
  22. Lloyds Bank Foundation
  23. Match Mothers
  24. Nacro
  25. The Nelson Trust
  26. One Small Thing
  27. Pecan
  28. Prison Advice and Care Trust
  29. Prisoners’ Education Trust
  30. Refuge
  31. Revolving Doors Agency
  32. Solace Women’s Aid
  33. The St Giles Trust
  34. St Mungo’s
  35. StandOut
  36. Surviving Economic Abuse
  37. Transform Justice
  38. The Traveller Movement
  39. The Trussell Trust
  40. Turn2Us
  41. Unlock
  42. Women in Prison
  43. Women’s Budget Group
  44. The Zahid Mubarek Trust