Our flagship policy group of women with convictions driving the change they want to see


Amplifying women's voices

The voices of women with lived experience of the criminal justice system are too often ignored or overlooked. That's why Working Chance set up Changemakers. This group provides a platform for women with convictions to use their unique expertise and insights to drive the changes they want to see and improve the lives of other women with convictions. Together, we're fighting to transform the systems that hold women with convictions back.

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How we do it

As a collaborative project, we at Working Chance and the Changemakers are co-developing the campaign as we go. Our approach puts the Changemakers' voices and expertise by experience in the foreground, while the organisation facilitates and supports where needed. We believe in self-representation, power-sharing, and decision-making in consultation with every member of the group.

Fighting for a better benefits system - #BetterBenefits

Claiming Universal Credit and visiting the jobcentre is an experience shared by many women who visit Working Chance. That's why we're working for a benefits system that tangibly helps women with convictions and enables, rather than impedes, their journeys to employment.

The Campaign

We know what it’s like first hand to have a conviction. We’ve experienced the negativity, the judgements, and everything that’s gone with that. That’s why I wanted to be in this group. I don’t think you can understand the impact a conviction has without living through it.

Sonja Changemaker

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The Changemakers project is made possible through the kind contribution of the Lloyds Bank Foundation.