Policy briefing | 24 February 2022

#BetterBenefits launches today

On Thursday 24 February 2022, Working Chance is delighted to present Fighting for a Better Benefits System: A case for Universal Credit reform from women with lived experience of the criminal justice system.

The report's findings are informed by the campaigning activity, and lived experience, of its group, Changemakers.

The voices of women with lived experience of the criminal justice system are too often ignored or overlooked. That's why Working Chance set up Changemakers. This group provides a platform for women with convictions to use their unique expertise and insights to drive the changes they want to see and improve the lives of other women with convictions. Together, we're fighting to transform the systems that hold women with convictions back.

Why Universal Credit?

Claiming Universal Credit and visiting the jobcentre is an experience shared by many women who visit Working Chance. That's why we're working for a benefits system that tangibly helps women with convictions and enables, rather than impedes, their journeys to employment.