Fighting for a better benefits system

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Keep the conversation going: #BetterBenefits

Thank you for your interest our drop-in event on 24 February, fighting for a reformed benefits system, that serves the needs of women with convictions.

Things you can do:

  1. Share on social media #BetterBenefits (there's a graphic and sample tweets for you to use, below)
  2. Table parliamentary questions, asking what action the government is taking to solve these problems
  3. Write to the Minister for Welfare Delivery about the campaign
  4. Spread awareness among your parliamentarian colleagues

Sample tweets to share

  1. Universal Credit isn't functioning well enough for claimants to keep their heads above water, let alone find work. I am joining @WorkingChance Changemakers to fight for a benefits system that enables the journey to employment. A better benefits system is possible. #BetterBenefits 
  2. Universal Credit should be strong enough to support all of us when we need it, but at the moment it can lock those claiming benefits in poverty. That's why I am supporting the @WorkingChance Changemakers campaign to create a better benefits system for everyone. #BetterBenefits 
  3. Women who have served their sentence deserve to move on with their lives. Too many of those women are stuck on benefits because they lack the right support. That’s why I am calling for a #BetterBenefits system with @WorkingChance Changemakers

Resources for you

Meet the Changemakers

Two Changemakers, River and Sonja, are fighting to raise awareness of the circumstances and struggles of women like them, and to help fix what is broken

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Executive summary

Who are the Changemakers?

This group provides a platform for women with convictions to use their unique expertise and insights to drive the changes they want to see and improve the lives of other women with convictions. Together, we're fighting to transform the systems that hold women with convictions back.

We know what it's like first-hand to have a conviction. I don't think you can understand the impact a conviction has without living through it.

Sonja Changemaker